Magnus Financial offers legal and corporate services to clients worldwide. If you need consultancy, legal opinions or even assistance in courts, our qualified lawyers are here to help.

Legal and corporate

Magnus Financial offers legal and corporate services to both established and startup businesses. We can give you complete personal support with your legal requirements and plan the corporate support of your business.

Company formation services

Magnus Financial has a large network of professionals that will meet your demands across five continents in 40+ countries. We are here to help you start your own business by guiding you through the legal requirements of each individual country.

It is through our qualified and dedicated legal consultants that we can provide efficient and direct assistance while focussing on the details of your individual needs for each case specifically.

Our vision for quality is always to deliver the calibre of service that we ourselves would like to receive.
Contact us if you wish to start your business in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania or the Pacific or Caribbean regions.

HR Services

Magnus Financial goes beyond cost savings and provides quality service with an emphasis on clarity of communication. Outsourcing HR is a qualitatively different experience compared to other outsourcing services. Understanding this, Magnus Financial is proud to provide HR staffing that is well-attuned to the European culture.

Magnus Financial Human Resource management services offer an analytics-driven approach to finding and attracting the right people for your business.


Our financial department can help you expand the global reach of your business’ operations with the support of international financial institutions such as major banks, prime liquidity providers, payment providers and others.


Magnus Financial can help you remain constantly up to date on the divergent legal and regulatory requirements of different countries and jurisdictions. You can rely on us to expedite successful applications for licences and permissions on your behalf around the world.

Magnus Financial specialises in forex, financial, virtual currency and e-gaming businesses. If you are not sure whether your type of business requires a licence from authorities, please contact us for an initial fee assessment.

Banking / Payment services

Magnus Financial may assist you with account opening and help you to choose the best reliable financial institution in order to optimize the expenses for banking services.

Magnus Financial specialises both in physical account opening and corporate account opening in variety of jurisdictions.


Magnus Financial may assist your businesses providing efficient and friendly service offering cost-effective solutions for your accounting and payroll-related needs.

Magnus Financial may assist you with Accounting services, Audit performance, Preparing all kinds of financial statements in various jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, USA, Cyprus and many other.


Businesses require internet presences and modern technology to grow. We at Magnus Financial can help you establish and increase your international presence with IT and software support for websites, trading platforms, smart contracts and more.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property description


Magnus Financial is open for a discussion of other possible cooperation and partnership. A team of strong field specialists may assist your business in a variety of questions.

Feel free to approach us through “Contact” form, or the email addresses indicated below.